Extending Operational Life

Tanks with complicated damages or leaks can be recuperated with innovative repair methods and good process control. In case of incomplete or missing documentation, we can restart the operational life of pressure vessels. F4M has an excellent track record of long cryogenic engineering experience combined with the direct connections to surveyors and design appraisal keypersons.

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Furthermore we extend operational life of valves. F4M sells revised cryogenic valves at very competitive prices in connection with repair work at F4M. Below are some examples from our stock.

04 4SDC13037_200x150

Bronze Bestobell shut-off DN25/PN45

05 5SDC13039_200x150

Bronze Bestobell shut-off DN50/PN45

06 6SDC13040_200x150

Stainless AL shut-off DN65/PN16

07 7SDC13043_200x150

Bronze Bestobell shut-off DN15/PN45

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