Cryogenic Services in BE, NL and FR

Cryogenic Services

  • Total refurbishing of cold-converters, mobile tanks, dewars and pallet tanks
  • Complete vacuum services including perlite filling, mli-repairs and rest gas elimination
  • Structural repairs on tanks, frames, suspensions and multilayer insulations
  • Helium detection and leak repairs on perlite and multilayer tanks, specialty inner vessel leak repairs
  • Periodic testing of cold-converters, mobile tanks and dewars
  • Shot-blasting and 2 component painting service
  • Complete test facility for valves, combi-regulators and safety valves
  • Engineering service, vaporizer production, electro-polishing and component development
  • Cryogenic pump and mechanical seal service
  • Running gear service and modifications, re-balancing/engineering, fitting of new running gears/k-pin and upgrading to heavier media
  • Trailer piping system modifications and fitting of plug-in, hydraulic- or generator pump drives
  • High- and low pressure liquid nitrogen storage at workshop
  • Rental of cryogenic tanks from 200L to 10.000L
  • ISO 9001 system with more than 80 cryogenic repair procedures
  • 10.000-level clean-room facility for high purity piping
  • Close relations with all OEM-suppliers in airgas equipment


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