Cryogenic Tank Rental

Rental of cryogenic tanks for LIN, LOX, and LAR. Competitive prices guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss cryogenic tank rental conditions.

Cryogenic Tank Rental | 01 DSCF1716_pallettanks_300x200

pallet tanks 660L, for LIN, LOX, LAR and LCO2

Cryogenic Tank Rental | 02 SDC12531_300x225

mawp 15,5 – 24 barg volume 200L, for LIN, LOX, LAR and LCO2

03 SDC12783_225x300

2 pallet tanks 600L with mawp 36 bar. For laser cutting and a compulsory liquid nitrogen solution when cutting in stainless

04 SDC11975_300x225

mawp 3,0 barg volume 8.000L, OWS container for LIN

05 DSCF0655_300x200

mawp 17,5 barg volume 3.270L, LIN, LOX, LAR

06 DSCF0652_300x200

mawp 3,5 barg volume 10.000L, LIN, LOX, LAR

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